7 Deceitful Lies About Money

By Rob Saunders

People today have been conditioned to believe 7 destructive lies regarding money.

This printable ebook, intended for individual or group study, exposes these lies, and will help you to build a solid foundation for true success.

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Your Wealth Codes Coach

Rob Saunders

Robert M. Saunders, Jr. is the 4th generation of successful investment bankers. He speaks frequently at various marketplace leadership conferences around the world and is passionate about imparting to business leaders the wisdom he has gleaned from over four decades of life and business experience.  

Rob has been a key part of over 100 business deals and many other successful ventures. He strongly believes that the power of the Divine Blessing brings long-term success without adding “pain, toil or sorrow.”  

He teaches from his personal experience that “it is the Lord, Who gives the power to make wealth” and challenges others to do business according to the Divine Wealth Codes. He is very friendly, and can’t wait to see you inside his courses.