11 Lessons


$19.99/month - Access to all our courses 

11 Lessons


$19.99/month - Access to all our courses 

Coming back to the Garden of Eden!

Recorded live during a Master Class in Illinois City, Illinois, this video course will help you:  

  • Get to know Father God on a more personal level; 
  • Discover His heart for marriage and intimacy; 
  • Let go of the pain that resulted from unfulfilled expectations; 
  • Learn the true meaning of covenant; 
  • Renew your happy heart. 


Rob Saunders

Robert M. Saunders, Jr. is the 4th generation of successful investment bankers. He speaks frequently at various marketplace leadership conferences around the world and is passionate about imparting to business leaders the wisdom he has gleaned from over four decades of life and business experience.  

Rob has been a key part of over 100 business deals and many other successful ventures. He strongly believes that the power of the Divine Blessing brings long-term success without adding “pain, toil or sorrow.”  

He teaches from his personal experience that “it is the Lord, Who gives the power to make wealth” and challenges others to do business according to the Divine Wealth Codes. He is very friendly, and can’t wait to see you inside his courses.

In the Fall of 2019, Rob was featured on the cover of Charisma Leader Magazine. He got to share his story, as well as the Divine Wealth Codes, with thousands of Christian leaders around the world.


This course is fully device responsive - working beautifully on computers, tablets, and phones.

If you decide this course isn't for you—no problem. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.


This course is fully device responsive - working beautifully on computers, tablets, and phones.


If you decide this course isn't for you—no problem. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.


  • God Is Pursuing You 
  • Teatime With God 
  • What A Lover God Is! 
  • Two Are Better Than One 
  • God’s Heart For Marriage 
  • We All Need A Shepherd 
  • Unfulfilled Expectations 
  • Marriage Covenant Is A Great Mystery  
  • Human History Ends With A Marriage & A Party 
  • Intimacy in Marriage & Intimacy With God 
  • He Is A Jealous God  

What Business and Ministry Leaders are saying about Rob Saunders

Golan Lindsay Chief Operating Officer at Christ For The Nations Dallas, TX

"Robert Saunders is a rare financial expert who teaches how to be truly successful based on the principles and values of God's Kingdom. He makes complex concepts easy to understand, empowering listeners for real life financial scenarios.  

His message dispels false teachings about poverty and riches, and paves a pathway for financial freedom, prosperity and leaving a legacy. His mix of humor, intelligence, vast experience and love for God will inspire you to become what God has called you to be. With his advice, you can never be depressed."  

Richard Kogelnig Mag.phil. Dr. med. univ. Co-leader of the private Healthcare and Prevention Clinic Park Igls Innsbruck, Austria

"It is a privilege to be a friend of Robert Saunders, a man full of experience, an inspiring person who loves adventures and is willing to go deep in order to search for the hidden treasures and secrets in the Scripture.  

Over the last 20 years, I’ve come to know him as a man of wisdom and integrity, with whom you can have deep conversations but also a lot of fun. Rob truly knows what he is talking about—he lives it every single day. I am really excited for everyone who will take his video courses.”

Jonthan Shibley President of Global Advance Dallas, TX 

"Rob and I have traveled around the world, speaking to thousands of leaders about money and business. Rob has a unique ability to connect people with deep, life-changing truths in a fun way. The Divine Wealth Codes are simple, yet profound principles that will help anyone traverse the challenges of life and money with confidence and joy." 

Pastor Ian McCormack Mount Maunganui New Zealand

"Rob Saunders is an anointed man of God and a very close friend, who has been a huge encouragement to me. I highly recommend his ministry, books and video courses. His expertise in the business world is second to none. His love for Jesus is infectious. He helps people to "seek first the Kingdom of God."

Ryan Jones Editor of Israel Today Jerusalem, Israel

"Rob has helped both myself and my wife, to take a different, a much more biblical view of our finances, and what wealth really means. It's far from easy to not stress over finances especially when you're raising a large family in an overpriced country, and that's why I appreciate Rob and the materials he's putting together for being a constant reminder of how we are really supposed to live, laugh and love, as our Father intended."

Shelly Chou Vice President & Chief Finance Officer of ICT Company Taipei, Taiwan 

"I adore Rob’s daily intimacy with Father God. His teachings reflect his prayers and revelations. Rob's materials will help those busy, confused, frustrated and exhausted leaders believe that God loves them and works all things for their good and His Glory. Rob emphasizes the importance of 'doing unto others what you would have them do to you,' which is opposite to 'he who has the gold makes the rules.'" 



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Have a great day, Rob Saunders (“The Wealth Codes Coach”)