8 Modules 32 Lessons


$19.99/month - Access to all our courses 

8 Modules 32 Lessons


$19.99/month - Access to all our courses 

Do you want to prosper on earth, but also go to heaven, being known there for living by Kingdom Principles?


Do you struggle with wealth? 

If so, you're not alone.  

Many Christians have concluded that in order to live a righteous life, they must totally reject wealth. Others surrender to pursuing riches the world's way, and in doing so end up compromising their faith.  

But… what if there was another way?  

I promise you, there is!  

In this video course, I'll teach you what I've discovered through a lifetime of experience, trying to balance a successful business with my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

It certainly wasn't an easy process. I often had to learn the hard way. But you don't have to, if you'll let me be your guide.  

This journey will challenge you like never before. But you won't believe the resulting transformation.  

Are you ready? 



Rob Saunders

Robert M. Saunders, Jr. is the 4th generation of successful investment bankers. He speaks frequently at various marketplace leadership conferences around the world and is passionate about imparting to business leaders the wisdom he has gleaned from over four decades of life and business experience.  

Rob has been a key part of over 100 business deals and many other successful ventures. He strongly believes that the power of the Divine Blessing brings long-term success without adding “pain, toil or sorrow.”  

He teaches from his personal experience that “it is the Lord, Who gives the power to make wealth” and challenges others to do business according to the Divine Wealth Codes. He is very friendly, and can’t wait to see you inside his courses.

In the Fall of 2019, Rob was featured on the cover of Charisma Leader Magazine. He got to share his story, as well as the Divine Wealth Codes, with thousands of Christian leaders around the world.


This course is fully device responsive - working beautifully on computers, tablets, and phones.

If you decide this course isn't for you—no problem. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.


This course is fully device responsive - working beautifully on computers, tablets, and phones.


If you decide this course isn't for you—no problem. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.


1. The Mystery of Abundance

  • Two different cornerstones on which you can build a life of abundance
  • What will cost you to reach your joyful destiny
  • Why anxiety is one of your biggest enemies
  • And how you can win it with the power of observation 

2. The Absurd Paradox of Wealth

  • What was the great delusion of the richest man on the earth
  • The right perspective to avoid the same delusion
  • What it means to be a financial hostage 
  • The great paradox of wealth

3. The Kingdom of Economic Health and Happiness

  • The keys to the Kingdom of Economic Health and Happiness
  • What is the biggest prerequisite
  • The 3 keys of the Kingdom

4. The Plan for Peace and Provision

  • The plan God has for you
  • God’s true delights (and why they are important for you)
  • The requirements in God’s plan

5. The 4 Habits of Highly Frustrated Entrepreneurs

  • The Four Habits of Highly frustrated Entrepreneurs
  • How to avoid them and live happily in every sphere of your life.

6. The Battle of the Gold Rules

  • The Roman Empire’s Gold Rule everybody lives by and why it is a lie
  • The Kingdom’s Golden Rule
  • How to win the Battle between the Gold rules and live a life of abundance, freedom and fullness

7. The Trap of Satan's Irresistible Offers

  • Satan’s greatest offer
  • What will cost you if you’ll buy in
  • Satan’s favorite weapon and how to defuse it

8. The 100-Fold Increase 

  • How to avoid the birds steal the seed of the Kingdom
  • The danger of the shallow soil
  • What are the thorns that are choking the Word of the Kingdom in your life
  • How to receive the 100-fold increase

The Mystery Of Abundance course includes 8 modules, 32 video clips.


What students are saying about the Mystery of Abundance Course


"After finishing the first day, I knew the Lord was speaking through it. Robert brought clarity on something that I had wrestled with my whole life. When somebody received a word that they “were going to be blessed financially”, I rejoiced for that person. Even though I was happy for them, there was a part of them that was sad because I felt I wasn’t created for that. Now I know, I too have a great calling and God wants to bless me." ."


"The Mystery of Abundance “pushed” me to seek the Lord for a new perspective about money, wealth and His provision. Robert’s use of personal stories and wisdom from over 50 years of experience is priceless. I have a new vision now."



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Have a great day, Rob Saunders (“The Wealth Codes Coach”)